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Increase Staff Efficiency and Improve Guest Satisfaction with the Right Two-Way Radio


Big chain or small boutique, business traveler or tourist, consumers have abundant options on where to spend their dollars. Differentiating your property through exceptional service is one of the best ways to attract and retain them. Guests want to be delighted and feel comfortable in a safe and welcoming environment. They expect their requests to be quickly addressed.

Hotels and resorts have numerous needs too. They must keep accurate track of rooms, supplies and facilities. They must also ensure security with instant, discreet communications and provide safety throughout the property. Each role requires specific technological capabilities and our MOTOTRBO™ portfolio provides the best option for each role. 

MOTOTRBO™ Radios and Solutions for Hospitality:

  • SL 7550 - This sleek light weight radio is perfect for the discreet communication needs of Managers, Hotel Owners, Front of House staff, and Event Planners.
  • XPR 7000 Series - These durable digital radios are the right tool for the communication needs of Maintenance Technicians, Security personnel, and Housekeeping/Room Service staff.
  • XPR 5000 Series - These mobile digital radios are perfect for keeping Limousine Drivers, Security Patrol, and Dispatch Operators connected.
  • SL300 - This light weight, easy-to-use radio is another discreet option for the needs of the Concierge, Porter, and Restaurant Hosts.

In addition to the above radios, you can connect your smartphones to your two-way radios with the Motorola WAVE application, a great solution for Hotel Owners and Managers to stay connected while away from their two-way radios.

For more details on the various applications and radios that best suit you, download our free MOTOTRBO™ Hospitality Application Brief!

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