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Introducing PushPlus West

Turris’ is launching our PushPlus WEST network this June, with all the same benefits that the Turris PushPlush network has to offer. 

The new PushPlus West network from Turris is digital and Tier 3, meaning it’s a professional grade communications solution with advanced features. The PushPlus West network is just as reliable and cost-effective solution, with powerful features like:

  • Powerful noise cancelling capacity for clearer communications
  • DMR Tier 3 top tier features (link to DMR 3 blog)
  • Secure voice communication to eliminate casual eaves dropping
  • One-to-many communications
  • Internal text messaging
  • Emergency alarm messaging
  • GPS capability
  • Best indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Best call quality
  • Smartphone integration
  • Longer battery life


The network is set to expand across all the western provinces, starting with our launch this month in Alberta, check out our coverage maps for Calgary and Edmonton.


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