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Poorly Installed Connectors                                                       Part 2 of our 3-Part Series on Bad Installs

In the two-way radio industry we often see a lot of bad installs, especially with mobile radios. Our Service Department has attended extensive training and has experience installing mobile radios in everything from service vans, heavy machinery, to public safety vehicles. In addition, they know how to properly install for optimal quality. As a follow up to our blog post on The Top 6 Reasons Why a Professional Installation is Worth the Cost, I thought it would be informative to run a series of blog posts on common bad install issues we come across.

Power and radio frequency connectors are found in mobile two-way radio installs. A poorly installed connector leads to poor performance and eventual failure. Below we have put together some of the bad crimps we have come across (the crimps on the right) vs. a proper professionally assembled crimp (on the left). 


It is pretty easy to spot the differences! Many of them have improperly installed outside rotating sleeves which need to be flush in order to properly complete the connection. Some of the examples have exposed wiring which can quickly corrode and become dangerous, and some barely look like a connector at all. 

We come across many connectors that were poorly installed to begin with, and making these repairs often take longer than having had a professional install in the first place. Faulty repairs not only end up costing an inexperienced installer money but throw in the downtime and you start to really see the value in getting it right the first time.

If you already have an existing radio system and would like to learn more about our preventative maintenance program ServicePlus, click here and contact us!

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