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Top 3 applications for the Manufacturing Industry


The top 3 areas in which the Manufacturing Industry seeks solutions are increasing operational efficiency, improving employee safety and reducing emergency response times. In order to address these areas and ensure that operations are efficient and effective, coordination and communication is key. With this in mind, a variety of companies have developed applications that can be applied to the Manufacturing Industry.

Listed below, in no particular order, are the top 3 applications that help improve Manufacturing operations:

  1. NeoTerra – for production lines that require a paging style solution, NeoTerra offers their multiGate product. This single gateway box delivers status information via the MOTOTRBO™ Network. The early warning alarms that are received immediately by a mobile or portable device help to minimize downtime for production line users.
  2. StreetTrek – offers their SMTP Server, which allows written messages to be sent from your internal email system to a radio. This application is designed for in-plant internal alarms and notifications, with messages being displayed as a Text Message or heard as a Voice Announcement if the radio is equipped to do so.
  3. Teldio – offers 7 applications that can be incorporated to improve operational efficiency, increase employee safety and reduce emergency response times.
    • RBX – two-way radio telephony
    • ACS – alarm management and notification
    • R2R – radio to radio recording
    • CLW – centralized lone worker
    • MDN – man down notifier
    • IPS – Bluetooth indoor positioning
    • GIPS – indoor and outdoor positioning; combines GPS and indoor positioning on one map
With the use of RBX and ACS, Manufacturing companies can increase productivity and improve reliability and communication. These applications allow you to integrate radios into phone systems, link machine alarms to radios, and provide mobile telephony to areas that don’t offer cell coverage.
The RBS, ACS, CLW, MDN, IPS and GIPS applications help to increase employee safety and improve security. These applications allow you to monitor the safety and whereabouts of workers, send alerts to ensure worker safety, and mitigate liabilities. In addition, these 6 applications also help to improve emergency response times by allowing the radio to call 9-1-1, notify all employees of emergencies and send location information with the push of a button.

Contact us to learn more about these applications or other applications that provide solutions for the Manufacturing Industry.

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