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Top 5 Ways To Stay Safe During Your Winter Adventures


With the beginning of winter comes new adventures, whether you like to ski, hunt, or Ski-Doo, it is important to remember a few basic tips in order to stay safe. Just this October, a man from Newfoundland was out for a remote hunt with his son and required urgent medical assistance. Fortunately he had a Spot Gen3 GPS device on him and was able to easily send his coordinates to emergency workers.* This article inspired us to put together the following list of the top 5 ways to stay safe during your winter adventures:

  1. Dress properly - You will create plenty of heat when you are active in the cold weather, however it is hard to maintain your temperature when you stop moving so layer up in order to regulate your temperature.
  2. Know your terrain - It is important to understand your terrain and the snow conditions that you will encounter in order to avoid dangerous situations.
  3. Know your wildlife - Familiarize yourself with the wildlife in the area you plan to visit and know what to do should you have an unwanted encounter.
  4. Make others aware of your plans - Making sure others know of your whereabouts is extremely important should an emergency arise.
  5. Consider a Satellite or GPS device - For an extra layer of protection bring a communication device or a tracking device when you know you will not be able to stick to a designated area.

For a cost effective solution for Tip 5 we recommend the Spot Gen3, this small Globalstar satellite device sends your GPS location to family and friends, it also sends emergency responders your GPS location at the push of a button. Spot has rescued 1,150 people in Canada and counting.

On now until the end of the year we have a rebate offer for a FREE SPOT Gen3. Click here and contact us for more information. 

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Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/burgeo-hunter-says-tracking-device-saved-his-life-during-medical-emergency-1.3254021

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