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Top 6 Reasons Why a Professional Radio Installation is Worth the Cost

I was recently watching a home renovation show where someone had to pay a professional to come and fix his disastrous DIY bathroom renovation. I’m all for DIY, but I think plumbing and electrical work should be left to the professionals. While there are some situations where DIY is a great way to save money there are definitely times when going to a professional is worth the extra cost.

In the two-way radio industry we often see a lot of bad installs, especially with mobile radios. Our Service Department has attended extensive training and has experience installing mobile radios in everything from service vans, heavy machinery, to public safety vehicles. In addition, they know how to properly install for optimal quality. I had a fun chat with our team about common issues they have seen when having to repair a DIY gone wrong. Here are the top 6 reasons why a professional radio installation is worth the cost:

  1. How well a mobile two-way radio is installed will dictate how it works. Without proper training on all the components that need to come together for optimal reception, it is easy for one component to affect the whole system. This can often result in a lot of time and effort getting to the root of reception issues.
  2. Drilling antenna mounts can be tricky business, drilling into a vehicle without training can result in costly leaks that aren’t covered under a vehicle’s warranty.
  3. Improper installations can cause interference between the communications equipment and a vehicle’s electronic system resulting in repairs to both the vehicle and two-way radio equipment. 
  4. Improper installation can actually break or ‘blow’ the radio. In addition, improper fusing can result in wires in the vehicle catching fire. 
  5. Circumventing an install by placing a radio under a car seat or between the driver’s seat and centre console may seem like a low risk option, however, this can expose a radio to dust, sand, salt and moisture which can ultimately damage the radio.
  6. Two-way radios have to be carefully installed so as to not interfere with the vehicle airbags. Improper installation can turn a mobile radio into a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident where the airbags are forced to deploy. 

We have seen many of the above issues in our shop, and making these repairs often take longer than having had a professional install in the first place. Faulty repairs not only end up costing an inexperienced installer money but throw in the downtime and you start to really see the value in getting it right the first time.

If you already have an existing radio system and would like to learn more about our preventative maintenance program ServicePlus, click here and contact us!

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