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Why choose a Turris DMR Tier 3 network?

Choosing a network that meets your needs isn’t complicated, once you answer a handful of questions.

Do you need noise cancelling and clearer communication? Do you need to cover a wider area? Do you require indoor to outdoor radio communications? Perhaps you are in need of advanced safety features, like man down or lone worker? If the answer is yes to any of these then a DMR Tier 3 is the answer for those professional, advanced features.

Although a DMR Tier 2 network offers a lot of professional grade features, DMR Tier 3 offers even more with its trunking advantages. If you are looking for professional grade DMR Tier 3, otherwise referred to as DMR3, the Turris PushPlus network will meet your business’ requirements.

DMR Tier 3 Trunking advantages

  • Large capacity, IP architecture, easy for expansion
  • More efficient use of channels
  • Automatic channel assignment
  • Suit for higher traffic density area
  • Powerful management and dispatch ability
  • ESN, Authentication
  • Priority call services
  • Advanced GPS function
  • Automatic roaming and seamless handover
  • DVRS

Industries that can utilize the full feature set of DMR Tier 3 include not only emergency services, like FIRE departments and police, they are key to make business run better in manufacturing, logistics, construction, hospitality, and events.

Not sure what your requirements are? Contact us and an account manager would be happy to discuss solutions that will fulfill your needs.


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